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Society for the Preservation of Rare Books

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Recent events have shown how easily our cultural heritage can be lost forever. But as many books are lost to conflicts and natural disasters, an equal number is lost to neglect: this is where the Society for the Preservation of Rare Books (SPRB) can make a difference.

The SPRB was created as an offshoot of the 15cBOOKTRADE Project to reach those libraries and institutions that usually fall out of the scope of large grants, and invest in emergency conservation, as well as targeted cataloguing and digitisation projects.

For further information, please download the SPRB application form. For enquires on membership or to sponsor specific cataloguing, conservation or digitisation projects, please contact us at Society for the Preservation of Rare Books, Bodleian Library, Oxford OX1 3BG, or via email at .

Please support this charitable initiative: the more we know about small collections, the better we can protect them. You can visit the site at